Colours (CD Digipack)

//Colours (CD Digipack)

Colours (CD Digipack)


About Colours:

Chris’ second album Colours was recorded in 1998 and features Bob Rigby on drums, Neal Morgan on bass and Frazer Fifield on soprano sax. The album went in a more country direction than it’s predecessor and featured live favourites such as ‘1964’ and ‘No More Forever’.






    1. 1964
    2. The First Snowfall Of Winter
    3. All You Needs An Angel
    4. Revolution
    5. I`ll Learn
    6. Washkamonya
    7. 21
    8. All That I Am
    9. No More Forever
    10. The Heart Of A Woman
    11. Street Jesus
    12. The Story Of My Life
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