The Unicorn & Other Stories (CD Digipack)

//The Unicorn & Other Stories (CD Digipack)

The Unicorn & Other Stories (CD Digipack)


About The Unicorn & Other Stories:

In 2014 Chris was given a book of folk songs from Nova Scotia, compiled by respected folklorist Helen Creighton in the 1930’s. Chris was fascinated by the stories in the book and decided to write new melodies to some of his favourite songs. This led to the album ‘The Unicorn & Other Stories’. The album’s arrangements were a result of Chris’ collaborations with Chris Nole (John Denver, Faith Hill, Don Williams). Chris Nole’s wonderful piano playing, the ethereal vocals of Debbie Jones and Chris’ powerful acoustic guitar and vocals made this Chris’ most successful album in terms of airplay.





  1. Prentice Boy
    2. The Mary L. McKay
    3. A Drummer Boy For Waterloo
    4. Wild Rover
    5. Cupid’s Garden
    6. Indian Song
    7. The Unicorn
    8. Homeward Bound
    9. Lunenburg Hospital
    10. A Drummer Boy For Waterloo Reprise – Napoleon’s Farewell
    11. Whiskey In The Jar